Lions District 201W2

Western Australia


In an ideal world, every Lions District would have more than enough space for its people, and then some. The skies would be perpetually blue, with only enough rain to sustain life, but not a bad mood.

Unfortunately, we can't all live in an ideal world.

For those of you, who don't live in Western Australia, please cyber travel around our State. We hope the experience will whet your appetite enough to pay us a personal visit.

Western Australia is home to 2 Lions Districts, 201W1 & 201W2.

Our sister District, 201W1,  is the largest geographical Lions District in the world, stretching north and east from the Swan River in the Perth metropolitan area to Kununurra in the north of Western Australia to Kalgoorlie in the East. You can find a list of their clubs at

Our District, 201W2, covers the southern areas of Western Australia, stretching south and east from the Swan River in the Perth metropolitan area. Below is a list of the clubs in our District.

Click on a Club link to find out more about each of the clubs, including the club's contact details, in our District, 201W2.